Who we are

Your eTravel advisor. We take care of the spotless arrival.

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We are a team of young professionals, passionate about travel. The aim of our service has always be to share our knowledge with all of you who love to travel and explore!

We are based in the United States at 10661 North Kendall Drive, Suite 206 A, Miami, FL3317. To get in touch, use the contact form on our website or call us at +1 (954) 769 0584. If you prefer to write, here is our email – info@seychellestravelauthorization.com.

We have tailored our services upon your demands. We speak your language and understand your needs. Planning a trip to the Mahé or maybe you will be hopping off the Seychelles islands? Then we can help you with our expertise and tourism guidelines but also with our user-friendly electronic travel authorization application form. With the help of our dedicated 24/7 customer support team, your visit to the Seychelles will be smooth and with no problems.

Why choose us?

We make sure all travelers get their Seychelles eTAs approved. This is why, the information you send to us through the application form is checked before being submitted to the border authorities. In case of an error in the the provided data, we will contact you prior to proceeding to the Seychelles eTA validation, instead of taking a risk that would jeopardize your entry to the islands.

Should more details be needed, we will get in touch with you by the email provided on the application form. Only after that we will submit your data to the Seychelles border authorities platform. The approval is in the hands of the border authorities but our experience is what will make your entry on Seychellesois’ land smooth and spotless.

You may not be sure about the steps to take to travel to your dream destination. What travel permit is needed? Is your passport eligible for a visa-free trip to the Seychelles? When to apply for your eTA? How much it costs? We are here to answer all these questions and all the others that may arise.

During the years, we have helped countless travelers from all parts of the World. Whether you’re traveling alone or with friends & family, we’re here to support you. Obtaining the Seychelles travel authorization is often linked with dealing with the Border control system agents. It can take days, even weeks in case of inconsistency in the provided information and the documents enclosed with the application.

Here is where we come to help. We detect any such inconsistency, and we approach the problem immediately, so no time is lost and the travel permit gets approved on time for your flight. 

The fee of 65 US$ covers a range of services: a pre-check of all the applicationsreceived by us, a 24/7 customer support, the service fee on the government platform, the expertise you can take advantage of via our News section and by contacting us directly.


Welcome, to our user-friendly platform designed to make applying for your Seychelles electronic travel authorization easy and quick. We understand the challenges that often come with completing border paperwork.

This is why we’ve created our application form to be understandable, easy, available for multiple visitors at once. This way, you are able to outsource the stress with dealing with border bureaucratic paperwork to us.

Rest assured that every detail of your eTA application is meticulously reviewed before being submitted to the authorities and that your personal information is handled with care and precision.

Applicants can typically expect to receive their personal eTA QR Code within 24 hours upon completing the application form.

Note that our service is not free of charge. Our service fee of 65 US$ per application and it includes the state service fee of 10 US$. If you prefer, you can apply via the government platform. However, in this case, you will not be able to use our help.For more information on the above, feel free to contact us.

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Our core principles

Our commitment:

  • Offer a user-friendly website and application form.
  • Deliver accurate, understandable, and quick service.
  • Ensure all requests and demands are successfully handled on time.
  • Provide secure payment platform.
  • Be there for everyone who needs additional information or assistance.
  • Leave clients happy.

Our Business

The heart of our business is traveling. We have dedicated our efforts to help those who love new destinations.

Our expertise in the tourism field combined with the professional approach of the team is what drives the business ahead and what makes our clients prefer us.

About our service & price

Transparency is key at our company when it comes to the Seychelles eTA application process. We want to be clear on and have an understanding of all associated costs without any hidden charges or unexpected fees. Applying for your eTA with us is a one time payment process of 65 US$. In case you need to modify information on your application, no extra fee will apply. In, please contact us immediately. Keep in mind that if you choose to apply through the government platform, you won’t have access to our personalized travel assistance services we are offering.

Our 100% refund policy (in case of not delivered service from our part) is a 100% risk guarantee for our clients.

To ensure a happy experience, we have installed a secure payment platform, our service fee is clearly stated on the website and the application process is easy, quick, and straight-forward.

The approach to our clients

  • Honesty: Our clients know us and our services. The conditions under which www.seychellestravelauthorization.com must be used are described on the website.
  • Expedite service: More than 20 people are at the disposal of our clients to ensure a spotless service and experience. We are fast and reliable.

Experience and privacy: In other words – professionalism. We understand the importance of the data you share with us. This is why we have taken measures to secure every single entry on our website.

Our team of experts