Anse Intendance, Mahé

Anse Intendance Seychelles

Anse Intendance is one of the most stunning beaches on the island of Mahé in Seychelles. With its soft, white sand, clear turquoise waters, and stunning granite boulders, the beach offers visitors a picture-perfect tropical paradise. The beach is located on the south-west coast of Mahé and is surrounded by lush tropical vegetation, providing a secluded and natural setting.

Anse Intendance is a popular destination for swimming, sunbathing, and surfing, and it’s also home to a diverse range of marine life, making it a great spot for snorkeling.

A brief overview

1 Km x 26m beach on Mahé island.

Regular Tide, sometime high waves.

Peaceful atmosphere for sunbathing and stunning photo.


This spectacular wild beach located in the south of Mahé is among the most beautiful on the island.

Between May and September swimming is dangerous: deep water due to the absence of coral reef.

Easily accessible by car or bus: parking spaces next to the beach and a bus stop just a minutes away.

Getting There

Anse Intendance Beach is located on the south-west coast of Mahé island in Seychelles. Visitors to the country, after obtaining their Digital Travel Authorization for the Seychelles, can reach the beach by car or bus, with parking spaces available near the beach and a bus stop just a few minutes away. The beach is around 19 km from Seychelles International Airport, and visitors can hire a taxi or rent a car from the airport to reach the beach.

The road to Anse Intendance Beach is narrow and winding, and visitors should drive carefully, especially during the rainy season when the road can become slippery. Alternatively, visitors can also reach the beach by hiking along the surrounding trails or by joining a guided tour that includes transportation to the beach.

Entrance fee

There is no entrance fee to visit Anse Intendance Beach. Visitors can enjoy the beach without any admission fees or charges. However, visitors should bring some cash if they plan to purchase any food or drinks from the beach vendors or for transportation costs.

When to Go

Anse Intendance Beach can be visited throughout the year, but the best time to go may depend on the visitor’s preferences. The Seychelles experiences a tropical climate, with temperatures ranging from 24 to 32 degrees Celsius (75 to 90 degrees Fahrenheit) throughout the year. The rainy season is from November to February, and visitors may experience higher humidity and occasional showers during this time. The dry season is from May to September, and visitors can expect cooler temperatures and less humidity.

The water at Anse Intendance Beach can be rough during the southeast trade winds from May to September, so visitors should exercise caution if swimming or surfing during this time. Overall, the best time to visit Anse Intendance Beach may be during the months of April, May, October, or November when the weather is generally pleasant, and there are fewer crowds.

What to Bring

  1. Sunscreen, hat, and sunglasses: The sun in Seychelles can be strong, so visitors should bring and apply sunscreen, wear a hat and sunglasses to protect themselves from the sun.
  2. Swimwear, towel, and water: As Anse Intendance Beach is great for swimming, visitors should bring appropriate swimwear, a towel, and enough water to stay hydrated.
  3. Cash: While there is no entrance fee to the beach, visitors should bring cash for purchases from local vendors and for transportation costs.
  4. Insect repellent: Mosquitoes can be present in the Seychelles, particularly during the rainy season, so visitors should bring insect repellent to avoid bites.
  5. Camera: Anse Intendance Beach offers stunning scenery, so visitors should bring a camera to capture the memories and document their experience.
  6. Snacks: Visitors can bring snacks to enjoy on the beach or in the nearby picnic areas, as there are limited facilities available for food and drinks.
  7. Comfortable footwear: Visitors should bring comfortable footwear for walking around the beach and the surrounding area.
  8. Beach bag: A beach bag can be useful for carrying items such as sunscreen, towels, water, and snacks.

Tips for Visiting

Visitors to Anse Intendance Beach should be cautious when swimming and protect themselves from the sun. Check the weather forecast, respect the environment, and watch out for falling coconuts. Explore the surrounding area, bring enough water and snacks, and bring cash for purchases and transportation costs. For more tips please have a look to our plan your Seychelles visit page.

Things to Do

  1. Swimming and surfing: Anse Intendance Beach is a great spot for swimming and surfing, although visitors should exercise caution during high waves and seaweed season from May to September.
  2. Relaxing: With its stunning scenery and peaceful atmosphere, Anse Intendance Beach is the perfect place to relax, sunbathe, and take in the natural beauty.
  3. Snorkeling: The beach is home to a diverse range of marine life, making it a great spot for snorkeling.
  4. Hiking: The beach is surrounded by lush tropical vegetation and offers a range of hiking trails to explore the natural scenery of the area.
  5. Photography: Anse Intendance Beach offers stunning scenery, with its white sand, clear turquoise waters, and beautiful granite boulders, making it a great spot for photography.
  6. Picnicking: Visitors can bring their own food and drinks to enjoy a picnic on the beach or in one of the nearby picnic areas.
  7. Exploring the surrounding area: Anse Intendance Beach is located in a beautiful natural setting, so visitors can take the opportunity to explore the nearby hiking trails and other beaches in the area.

Where to have lunch

Anse Intendance Beach has limited food and drink options, with only a few beach vendors selling refreshments. Visitors can also bring their own food and drinks for a picnic on the beach or explore nearby restaurants and cafes in the area. Some recommended restaurants near Anse Intendance Beach include Chez Plume Restaurant, Kaz Kreol, and La Grande Maison. It’s always a good idea to check the restaurant’s opening hours and make reservations in advance.

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